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Hydrating & moisturizing lip glosses & lip scrubs with healing properties in a variety of colors & flavors! Glitter lip glosses are available in a variety of colors as well!

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All natural, hydrating Vitamin C, Lemon & Aloe Vera Face Serums for all skin types. Also, a natural chia & flax seed Botox Cream that decreases fine lines & wrinkles. 

Glycerin soap- this moisturizing soap is great for Eczema, Dry skin, Acne prone and other dermatitis issues. It also has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties to aid in healthier skin.

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Rose Water Facial Toner
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Rose water facial toner (balances the skins ph & has anti-aging properties), Lemongrass face wash (fights against free radicals & deep cleans the pores) and a variety of hair and/or body oils infused with different flowers such as Lavender, Gomphrena, Rose Petals or Buds, Lily Flower, Forget-Me-Not, Helichrysum Bracteatum, Jasmine Flower, etc.   

Long lasting, smooth finish matte liquid lipstick! Ingredients includes jojoba & vitamin e oil for hydration and nourishment and glycerin for moisture and shine.

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Nourishing Lip oils & mesmerizing Lava lip oils in a variety of beautiful colors and flavors! 

Moisturizing lip balms with cocoa butter, vitamin E and coconut oil in a variety of delicious flavors! Hydrating and long lasting

Luxurious 3D Mink Lashes with a natural look and feel. High quality, soft and fluffy with applicator tool. Comes in a variety of different sizes & lengths!

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Women's Love Spell inspired Glycerin Soap_edited.jpg

Women's Love Spell
Inspired Glycerin Soap with a few glitter sprinkles! 

Men's White Iridescent 
Cool Water Inspired Glycerin Soap!

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